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Certificated Companies


IBRAGE – Brazilian Institute of Preventive Geriatrics (Instituto Brasileiro de Geriatria Preventiva) located at Setor Terminal Norte Bloco O ED. Life Center sala 136 - Asa Norte, National Record of Taxpayers number 05.390.879.0001.49, has a Center for Studies working in two basic lines: The IBRAGE MED which produces scientific works such as the ''Revista Brasileira de Geriatria Preventiva'', (Magazine) the ''Jornal Médico do IBRAGE'', (paper) Lectures on the medical area and the book ''Geriatria Preventiva: O Mapa da longevidade saudável'' to be launched soon, and the IBRAGE CULT which produces cultural works such as the production and the edition of the book '' Father Poet '' edited in 2007 and now the second edition in 2011 , with the launching on the website www.paipoeta.com.br. The Site, on its turn, is based on two pillars: poetry as a cultural and personal development tool and the incentive to responsible parenthood in Brazil.

In this sense, the portal will launch the contest to be held each year for the selection of the Father Poet of Brasilia to start in August this year, 2011, (see contest regulation on the website)..

The website www.paipoeta.com.br will also award a certificate called Cult Comapany Father Poet, for those companies that support the institutional development of this site, in addition to the collaboration on the award winners and the ceremony for the ultimate award to the Father Poet of Brasilia. This event will be fully reported in the media. Companies with the Pro Active Social certificate will always permanently with a link on the site, with space for advertising and can participate with banners, stands, short illustrative films, displayed in a large screen or any material that conforms to the standards of advertisement and to the exhibition of the Cult certification granted.

The First Father Poet Company and our partner is IBRAGE - Brazilian Institute of Preventive Geriatrics that is currently funding all costs of the site and providing R$ 3,000.00 (Three thousand reais) each year for the award of the Brasília Father Poet contest in that period.